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Managing your Mexican property

Your seats and trays are in the upright and locked position as you descend towards the glistening Mexican peninsula of Manzanillo. To the right as you are about to land is the ocean, giving the illusion that you’re floating over the water just before you touch the ground. As the plane is slowing, you can see the palm trees shining in the heat of the Mexican sun, first rushing by in a blur, then gaining depth as you begin to slow down. The only way this start to your vacation could get any better is seeing a couple of familiar faces at the airport to take you to your stunning rental home. These familiar faces are always friendly and always smiling, mirroring the expression on your own face. You’re in Mexico for Pete’s sake!

Those familiar faces will be my wife Dorothy and I greeting your renters upon their arrival. My name is Gerry Szakacs and Mexican Bay was started by us 15+ years ago when we moved to the gorgeous Manzanillo in 2001. Over these years we have gained invaluable experience and knowledge in the know-how of managing your Mexican property. Whether you need trustworthy people to take care of your home away from home (including managing those pesky bills and expenses), or need somebody to get your beach house rental property looking ‘guapa’ for the impending renters, we’re here to effectively handle any maintenance, marketing, or even emergencies that may happen.

Your rental home will be marketed in the way best suited to find renters, including being posted on our website and word to mouth communication. We can happily provide airport pick-up for either you or your renters directly to the property (which we have just made sure is looking outstanding) and are always available just in-case any problems arise.
If you would like to be a part of our rental program, or if you’re looking for a vacation rental, contact us now.