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How to get here

Many roads that all lead to … Manzanillo!

Manzanillo is easy to get to through several major cities, like Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta and Mexico City or directly from several U.S. gateways such as Phoenix, Houston or Los Angeles.

Major airline companies, including Westjet, Unites Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Continental, Delta, Mexicana, AeroMexico, and Magnicharters service Manzanillo year round or during high season.

Another option would be to fly to Puerto Vallarta or Guadalajara and drive to Manzanillo either by bus or rental car. The distance from Guadalajara to Manzanillo is 290 km. which will take appr. 3 hours en 30 minutes. To get from Puerto Vallarta to Manzanillo is 284 km. and will take appr. 3 hours and 39 minutes.